On a higher level, we can become more aware of the meaning of our own lives, and of the world-process, by studying and filling ourselves with the modern form of cosmic wisdom, given by spiritual science (mainly from

Steiner, in my opinion, but from others also). This is a renewal of wisdom that was formerly kept hidden, or “occult,” in the Mysteries. Today it is essential that more of this wisdom become generally known, if human culture is not to succumb to Ahriman. Just as the ancient Initiates entered into the Luciferic wisdom and rescued it for the good of mankind, now must mankind, with the consciousness gained from spiritual science and from the Ethereal Christ, enter into the coming Ahrimanic knowledge and turn it to good purpose. The Ahrimanic knowledge will show what cleverness can, and cannot, produce from earthly forces. If we meet Ahriman consciously, we can acquire through him the realization that the Earth is becoming old and must decline physically, eventually to die and enter the spiritual worlds, to be reborn as the New Jupiter. And through this decline, mankind is to be lifted above the earthly, as the seed survives the dying plant in winter, to sprout and grow in the Spring.

Get Thee Behind Me, Satan, Paul Laffoley, 20” x 20”, India ink on paper. From the collection of Richard Metzger


The fundamental principle in this, the Consciousness Soul Epoch, is the emergence in the Man of conscious, individualized, independent thinking. Concurrent with the emergence of this soul-force (as a by-product, as it were) are wider possibilities for the workings of the forces of Death and Evil. But these workings are (as is characteristic of Ahriman) so falsified that, for example, the cultural institutions that are generally regarded as most beneficial—education and medicine—are in fact among the worst carriers of

evil (not to imply that these institutions should be shunned or destroyed, but purified and renewed—in part by their liberation from money and politics). When this epoch has run its course (if it will have fulfilled its potentials), human culture will be vastly changed. For example, the distinction between “civilized” and “primitive” peoples will have been erased, and a kind of moral “socialism” will have become instinctive.

Our specific task for the Consciousness Soul Epoch is to acquire three great truths, the same truths that Sorat wished to foist upon mankind in the 7th century, with his own slant. We might presume that Ahriman-in-the-flesh will likewise try to insert them into our culture and distort them to his own ends. It is the task of an alert and conscious mankind, schooled in spiritual science and led by the Christ, to gain these three truths through our own striving and to use them for the good development of the earthly creation.

The first truth concerns the Mystery of Birth and Death: that the human soul in the physical world has but the semblance of the true soul-life that it had before conception and will have again after death. The life in the sense-world interrupts the supersensible soul-life in the world-between-death-and-rebirth, so that we can gain, for the spirit, that which can be gained only in the sense- world. To see this truth, we must “look Lucifer in the eye,” and thus see through the distortions and illusions he spreads over the human soul. The destiny of the “East” (meaning the Slavic regions and eastwards) is to give rise to a “eugenic occultism”: the knowledge of how, through astrological regulation of conception, to bring the right human entities to birth at the right time and place for forward evolution, or conversely, to bring in the wrong entities, for the hindrance of right evolution. Thus, this eugenic occultism can cause great good or great harm, depending on how it is used.

The second truth concerns the Mystery of the Body: that the human body is not a lump of matter, but a form, which is spiritual in origin, and through which interchanging substances are constantly in flux. This knowledge will lead to a true medical art, the essence of which is to keep intact the natural healing forces of the body. The destiny of the “Middle” (meaning Central Europe) is to give rise to this “hygienic occultism”—which, of course, can lead to great good, but can also cause great harm if it is used without strict conscientiousness.

The third truth concerns the Mystery of Matter: that the reality behind

“material substance” is not “atoms,” “molecules,” or “ultimate particles,” but is spirit—to be exact: Ahrimanic spirits, in rhythmic inter-relations. The true picture of “solid matter” is not a machine, but a rainbow: a ghostly appearance, an outcome of spiritual processes. Modern physics, in some advanced theorizing, may have made some halting moves toward this truth, but the dead, mechanistic world-conception still holds sway over the scientism which dominates world-culture. This scientism is the Ahrimanic lie, the descendant of the Jundi Sabur influence, which, even though weakened, banished soul and spirit from the scientific worldview. To see through this lie, we must “look Ahriman in the eye”—a dangerous undertaking if we are not prepared by spiritual science. The destiny of the West (meaning primarily the English-speaking world) is to give rise to a “mechanistic occultism,” which will bring about fantastic machine forces, based on rhythm and resonance (The lost, fabled “Keely motor” was a start in this direction). But the introduction of such machine forces would cause harm to society if the political, cultural, and economic spheres are not made mutually independent, and if egotism is not banished from the economy.

But much depends on us, on mankind. We need to become conscious of these power groups, as well as their deeper aims and the aims of Ahriman himself.

Ahriman seeks to divert and pervert these three destined developments of the Consciousness Soul Epoch, through the activity of angels who rejected the Christ influence during the Egypto-Chaldean Epoch. In the present times, the “Christian” angels pour pictures of spirit-realities into the deep regions of the human soul-organism. If the Man does not take up these pictures consciously, they sink down into the ethereal body and act as unconscious instincts through the influence of the Ahrimanic angels. These unconscious instincts work against the three progressive evolutionary trends in the following ways:

  1. Perverting the Eugenic Occultism, destructive sex impulses affect the whole social life, working against the development of conscious human brotherhood, and making a mankind entirely egotistical and entirely controlled by instinctive urges carried in the blood.
  2. Perverting the Hygienic Occultism, medicine becomes materialistic and can be used to heal or harm, according to egotistic purposes.
  3. Perverting the Mechanistic Occultism, powerful, Keely-like machine

forces are employed, controlled not by the “vibrations” of good people (seeking the liberation of the workers), but by egotistic people for the evil purpose of attaining power and control over the masses.

The first two perversions are readily apparent in modern society; the third has yet to emerge in public. Again, the direction that these three trends of the present epoch will take depends upon human consciousness and will.


Some powerful, Ahrimanic secret societies linked to the Lodges in Britain and the USA strive to keep their version of this third truth (of the spirituality of matter) as their own secret and to ensure that the wider public knows only a crude atheistic-mechanistic scientism, in which spirit and soul have no place. (In more recent times, one can notice that the “crude materialism” given to the public is beginning to be replaced by a more quasi-esoteric materialism.) These societies also strive to guide political and economic trends over the world so that the budding potentialities of the Middle and Eastern peoples come under their domination. The history of modern times has very largely been the story of the outworkings of this struggle. The crimes of the secret Anglo-American power groups include the instigation of the First World War and the consequent establishment of the Bolshevik regime in the East. These power groups believe that the English-speaking peoples are destined to justifiably dominate the East-Slavs in this, the fifth cultural epoch, for the purpose of guiding their nascent potentialities, which should blossom to lead the world-culture in the sixth epoch—just as the Romans, during the fourth epoch, dominated and educated Britain for her future leadership in the fifth epoch. Some truth does lie behind this concept: this is the epoch of the consciousness soul, and the English-speaking peoples are gifted to develop the consciousness soul in an instinctive way, and it is true that the Slavs are destined to lead world-culture in the sixth epoch. But these power groups seek, through illegitimate means, to guide toward illegitimate, Ahrimanic ends these inherent potentialities, which are loosely “written into” destiny. Many historians and “paranoid right-wing conspiracy nuts” have, solely through common sense and open-eyed observation of external events, discerned some of the outworkings of the influence of these secret societies through their semi-secret instruments: the Council on Foreign Relations, the Order of Skull and Bones (whose members included George

Bush, Averell Harriman, and an amazing number of powerful Americans), the Rhodes Scholarships, the Round Table, etc. But these observers, lacking occult knowledge, can only guess at the true aims of the secret power groups. The “Anglophile” societies may disagree among themselves about means and details, but essentially they aim to gain world-domination for themselves (though certainly not for the good of the masses of the English-speaking peoples) and to influence all cultural trends in an Ahrimanic direction.

Now, in “post-Cold War” Europe, the Anglo-Americans and the Jesuit- Catholic power groups apparently are working together to make the basic arrangements of this part of the “New World Order”: Central Europe, from France to Poland, is to be dominated by the Jesuit interests, while the “East” (meaning roughly the regions historically Orthodox Christian) is to be dominated by the Anglo-American “West.” This arrangement furthers the aims of the Anglo-Americans by preventing cultural collaboration between Central Europe and the Eastern Slavs, thus preventing the rise of a strong, healthy, and independent Central European culture that could mediate and balance the East and the West. Thus, the present push toward the “New World Order” in Europe is a continuation of the longstanding Anglo- American policy of obliterating Central Europe (especially Germany) as a political/cultural force and of controlling the future-seeds being prepared in East-Europe—the same policy that led to First World War and the Bolshevik Revolution.

The deeper, Ahrimanic aim of the Anglo-Americans is to defeat the Gods’ plan for Earth-evolution, by turning Earth into a heap of dark, frozen, cosmic slag, haunted by an earthbound mankind of ghostly homunculi—and to secure for themselves a privileged place in this Ahrimanic world-order: an Ahrimanic immortality, with earthly consciousness and with power over the uninitiated.1

But much depends on us, on mankind. We need to become conscious of these power groups, as well as their deeper aims and the aims of Ahriman himself. If we do not acquire this alert consciousness, Ahriman might have his way, and the future of the earth, and of mankind, will be dark and bleak. The earth’s future, as well as our own, is our responsibility. Any real progress toward a healthy social order depends on mankind’s development of a new kind of thinking. The present, Ahrimanic, brain-bound pseudo-thinking is inherently anti-social; it (subconsciously) tries to dominate other people and

put them to sleep. Most present anti-social aspects of society proceed from anti-social consciousness; the brain-bound pseudo-thinking is determined by subjective, unconscious instincts, not by concurrence with the objective truth, not by the meaning-process of the thinking itself. An anti-social society is a physical picture of the anti-social human consciousness. If human consciousness becomes harmonious with objective reality, then a truly social society will be possible. Again, it all depends on human consciousness—and will.


  1. The late Professor Carroll Quigley, mentor of the young Wm. Jefferson Clinton, wrote the fairly well-known tome Tragedy and Hope, and the lesser-known work The Anglo-American Establishment, in which he described, from a sympathetic point of view, some of the machinations of semi-secret “Anglophile” (his word) power groups. Prominent among these “Anglophile” groups was the secret society organized by Cecil Rhodes around 1891. Its members included Wm. T. Stead (a spiritualist known to

Annie Besant of the Theosophical Society), Lord Esher (an advisor to Queen Victoria), the Earl of Rosebury, Nathan Rothschild, Alfred Milner (whose posts included Colonial Secretary, and War Minister during the First World War), H. A. L. Fisher (sometime Education Minister), and A. J. Balfour. I do not imply that Quigley, or Clinton (or all those working for the goals of these power groups) were, or are, fully aware of the deeper aims behind the “Anglophiles,” but that they are more or less knowingly, or unknowingly, under the influence of the occultists and will usually act in the way desired by these occultists. Altogether, of those who work in accordance with the aims of what may be loosely called the “Anglo-American power groups” (e.g. the Freemasons (or at least some factions of them), C.F.R., Round Table, Rhodes Scholarships, Skull and Bones, and their associated political and economic instruments)—or of the Jesuits—very few are aware of the true, occult aims. This is true even of most of the “initiated,” for the ceremonial magic of the initiation-rituals works on the ethereal bodies of the acolytes so as to make those lower initiates into receptive, unsuspecting instruments for the wishes of the few who are more aware. This process might loosely be likened to a sophisticated kind of “post-hypnotic suggestion.” In general, we should hold suspect any secret society that

practices ceremonial magic and is administered by higher “grades.” Nor do I wish to imply that one super-secret power group on earth “controls everything”; various occult power groups, arrayed in various and shifting alliances and antagonisms, vie for their various aims. The centers of the conspiracies do not lie on the physical plane, and no matter how great their power, they are not omnipotent. Again, the primal force behind present-day turmoil is the Coming of the Ethereal Christ. As an old saying goes: “Where there is bright light, there are deep shadows.”



Passport photo of Julius Evola, circa 1940. Collection of Gaspare Cannizzo. Published in Julius Evola: Scritti per Vie della Tradizione 1971-1974, Edizioni di Vie Tradizione, Palermo, Italy

Julius Evola (1898-1974) is one of the most challenging esotericists of the

20th century. His bold and disconcerting proclamations have earned him great admirers and vicious detractors, for few can remain impartial when confronted with Evola’s harsh verdict on modern life. Fewer still are probably prepared to accept his counterposed ideal of a sacrally ordered society where all aspects of life reflect a parallel and transcendental “world of Tradition.” Rather than fading away into obscurity, though, Evola’s works continue to elicit a growing level of interest. And while he is still relatively unknown in America, European intellectuals have long been aware of his writings. Mircea Eliade, the famous scholar of religion and myth, praised Evola’s “astounding knowledge,” and Marguerite Yourcenar recognized the “prodigious wealth of erudite detail” that informed his elucidations. Novelist Herman Hesse read Evola in the early 1930s and called him “a dazzling and interesting, but very dangerous author.” René Guénon, a fellow Traditionalist and lifelong correspondent of Evola’s, curiously likened the latter’s utterances to the “cry of an eagle.” But this is appropriate, for Evola would recognize the keen-eyed eagle as a traditional symbol of the divine imperium and, in the poetic realm, as the companion of Nietzsche’s lonely mountaineer, Zarathustra.