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Henry Lincoln has produced a number of relevant docu­mentaries for the BBC, including:
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There are also two video documentaries featuring Henry Lincoln, both distributed by Illuminated Word in the UK, entitled Henry Lincoln’s Guide to Rennes-Le-Chateau and the Aude Valley (2000) and The Secret, made in 1992 and subsequently broadcast on the Discovery Channel in a cut version as The Secrets of the Templars. See for details.
On the Web The DaVinci Code’s publisher bills it as “the most fun you’ve ever had on the web.” For readers of this book the game should be a cinch. The online version ofTracy Twyman’s invaluable Dagobert’s Revenge magazine. The official website of Opus Dei. Dianne DiNicola’s Opus Dei Awareness Network. The online version of Stephen Dafoe’s Templar History magazine. Among other resources available on his website, Dan Brown supplies a partial bibliography for The Da Vinci Code. It partially overlaps with the references cited above, but is reproduced below in its entirety. Mr. Brown does not supply dates or publisher information and this list has not been modified by the author or publisher of this book.
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