The fallen kingdom of the gods is clearly returning, and the new Golden Age is upon us. If this author’s hunch is correct, this is, indeed, a glorious time to be alive.




(1) Recall that Merovingian King Clovis was buried with a severed horse’s head.
(2) It is also the name of the famous “world mountain” of Eastern tradition.
(3) Note that “mer” is also the origin of the word “mercantile.”
(4) Cain’s name has been said to be the origin of the word “king”
(5) Now we understand why, in the post-mortem photo of Berenger Sauniere lying on his death bed, this small parish priest is seen next to a bishop’s miter.
(6) Uta-Napishtim contains the Sumerian and Egyptian word for fish, “pish”, and perhaps we can see why some authors have claimed that the character of Noah is in fact based on Oannes, Dagon, or Enki as well.
(7) The Book of Enoch refers to the Watchers, or Nephilim, as “stars”, with various “watchtowers” in the houses of the Zodiac. Bear in mind that the ancients saw the sky above as a giant “sea”, the waters of which were kept at bay by the “Firmament of Heaven” – that is, until the Flood.
(8) At this writing, a large sea serpent 20 meters long has just been discovered off the coast of Canada named “Cadborosaurus Willsi”, nicknamed “Caddy.”
(9) Kronos or Saturn is the inspiration for the figures of Capricorn and the Judeo-Christian Satan.
(10) This flag was shown carried by a divine white horse, a symbol of Poseidon and world monarchy.