The Forgotten Father was also in many traditions buried with a magic stone (the stone that fell from Heaven, the Emerald Tablet, the loadstone that repopulated the Earth, etc.), which contained secret wisdom teachings, possessed strange electromagnetic properties, and was itself associated with the re-population, as well as the vessel (the Grail or Ark) that carried it.


Thus, all of these things: the stone/tablet, the ark/vessel, and the bloodline of the Forgotten Father – came eventually to be called the Grail, while in certain cultures, the myth of the dead but dreaming lord and his magnetic stone evolved into the Lord of the Earth and the Black Sun ruling over a subterranean kingdom.


With this conclusion, it is easy to note that the word “Ark” is contained in “Arktos”, the Great Bear constellation that marks the North Pole (as well as, supposedly, the entrance to the inner earth), and also in “Arcadia”, the Greek term for paradise that pops up so frequently in the Grail research.


With this hypothesis, we can also understand why Rene d’Anjou and others chose to represent the secret doctrine of the Grail wisdom with an underground stream, as well as a tomb, and why Poussin chose to mark that tomb with the words “Et In Arcadia Ego.” Thus we have found the real Tomb of God, and we need not pinpoint its specific location.

In conclusion, it is this author’s finding that the various myths describing the Grail in multiple forms are all part of the same corpus, and that these various forms compliment rather than contradict one another. Moreover, the Grail legend is as old as history itself. It is integrally connected with the universal tale of a race of gods who intermarried with mankind and passed their secret doctrine of hidden knowledge onto certain members of our race, but were thereafter imprisoned inside of the Earth.


An equally integral part of the myth is that these sleeping gods shall some day awake and their kingdom rise again, just as the rediscovery of the Grail shall bring an end to the Wasteland and restore rightful kingship, bringing with it a new Golden Age.


Then again, their kingdom may already be here, and men do not see it, as Christ said in The Gospel of Thomas, being invisible to all but the elect.


Thus it remains the responsibility of those who feel worthy to receive these secrets to reach out and grab them, for they remain the divine inheritance of all who are children of the Forgotten Father.




(1) Interestingly, in the Golden Dawn ritual, it is the “Lord of the Earth” who causes Rosenkreutz to rise again.
(2) Another, similar poem says this land was lit by a “midnight sun.”
(3) According to legend, it was written on a jewel out of Lucifer’s crown. According to legend, it was written on a jewel out of Lucifer’s crown.
(4) This is the biblical passage from whence came the term, “This place is terrible”, which is written on the outside of the church at Rennes-le-Chateau.