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Hello Brian, I went into a panic when I first read Gary’s email as I thought he meant a deadline of 6th January and not 1st June. We read dates differently in England! Please confirm a deadline of 6th June 2004.

1. Should I be communicating through you or direct to Gary?
2. Can I use Tracy’s article as an introduction?
3. How many words are required?
4. I agree to all the chapter headings that Gary suggests.
5. I should have my PC back tomorrow, and so shall be able to attend to emails at home.
6. I have pix of Rennes-le-Chateau that I can include. I have very nearly finished DVC, but have so far not come across any references to Rennes-le-Chateau, although the name of Saunière (Jacques) figures throughout.

Best wishes


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Brian, my thoughts on this are not fully formed, but loosely:

· A pop culture easy to read“guide to” the DaVinci Code (DVC) to help all the purchasers of DVC(especially the mass market edition) who have no idea whether it’s based on accurate research or not.
· Focus on the “facts” underlying DVC and compare it to historical research in those are as (eg Priory o fSion, Templars, Roslyn, Grail, Opus Dei, etc.).
· Probably each of the various topics could be a chapter, with the gospel according to Dan Brown analyzed by Martin.
· Small format –may be even smaller than 8×5” · No more than 200 pages, may be a bit less.
· Some illustrations and / or photos, but library or PD stuff as I don’t think we can afford to spend much in that area.
· I’d like to release it around the mass market paperback release date of DVC, which is 6/1/04. 
We’re late on that of course, so I’d need to find out from Martin how soon he could turn it in. If he could do it really quickly, for delivery in the early part of2004, I’d love that.
· Price of the mass market edition is $7.99, so I’d like to try to keep DVC Decoded low price too.


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I’m sure Martin will get through the DaVinci Code in no time.  With his extensive knowledge of the subject matter he will have plenty to say about it.

Tell me all you can about your specific needs for this book. How long were you thinking it should be? What are the book dimensions going to be? We re you looking for a step by step explanation of plot elements in The Da Vinci Code, or more of a broad overview of the Priory of Sion / Rennes-le-Chateau / Grail saga?

What kind of time frame are you looking at? I know you would like the publication to coincide with the film, but when would you like to have the final manuscript in?

I got the impression from Richard that you wanted this to be a short book, perhaps about 200 pages. I assume you were thinking of printing in a smaller format than”The Book of Lies”, perhaps 8×5″ or 6×9″. Is this correct?

Martin is supposed to get back to me in the next day or so with his ideas. When I hear from him I’ll let you know. I’m glad we’re getting this project up and running. It sounds like it is a great idea.

Brian Albert

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